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tapping screws
hexagon · cheese head · countersunk head · round head · raised countersunk head
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DIN 7504(K)-1995
DIN 7504(L)-1995
DIN 7504(N)-1982
DIN 7504(P)-1982
DIN 7504(R)-1995
DIN 7971-1990
DIN 7972-1990
DIN 7973-1990
DIN 7976-1990
DIN 7981-1990
DIN 7982-1990
DIN 7983-1990
GB /T 15856.1-1995
GB /T 15856.1-2002
GB /T 15856.2-1995
GB /T 15856.2-2002
GB /T 15856.3-2002
GB /T 15856.4-1995
GB /T 15856.4-2002
GB /T 15856.5-2002
Q 200
QC /T 873-2011
QC /T 874-2011
QC /T 875-2011

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Hexagon Flange Head Drilling Screw With Tapping Screw Thread

GB /T 15856.4-2002
material    Austenitic stainless steel

This product corresponds to the standard

GB /T 15856.4-2002